Posted on August 24, 2016 by Agency Owl

Tips for Effective Insurance Web Design

Although it’s not fair, let’s face it; looks and style matter. Every visitor that lands on your insurance website is making a snap decision within the first few moments or clicks about whether they want to do business with you, whether your insurance agency looks legitimate, and whether or not they can trust their interactions with you.

You could be one of the top insurance agents in the country, work with A-rated insurance carriers and offer the best products; but none of that matters if an ugly or outdated website is pushing your customers away.
Here are a few insurance web design tips that will help you avoid ugly website syndrome.

Design Tip #1: White space is your friend not your enemy.
A clean layout that has a fair amount of white space can enhance a websites look and make it easier to navigate. So make sure things aren’t too cluttered.

Design Tip #2: Updates are necessary.
A website is a lot like a car, it looks nice and shiny when you first buy it and then a few years (or decades) go by and it’s not as nice looking as it used to be. That 1999 Honda isn’t as cool in 2016, now is it? The same rules applies to your website.

Design Tip #3: Be color smart.
Be sure that the colors used are not overpowering and that text appearing on colored background is legible. Ineffective use of color lessens the effect of your call to actions and may turn your visitors off.

Design Tip #4: Polished and professional looking logo
Invest in logo design. A professional logo not only enhances your look, but is an important part of your overall brand.

Design Tip 5#: High Quality Photos
Use high resolutions photos whenever possible, nothing’s worse that a clean and crisp website with unsightly pixelated photos.

Design Tip #6: Make sure the design works on all devices.
Nowadays, people are using desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, be sure to use a responsive insurance website design so that your website is compatible with all of these devices.

Design Tip #7: Easy & Effective Navigation.
The navigation of your website plays a major role in creating an effective design. Your navigation can determine how long a visitors stay on your website. If they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, it’s not likely that they’ll stick around or return.

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