Posted on August 24, 2016 by Agency Owl

The Basics of Successful Insurance Websites

Successful insurance websites don’t just rank well in the search engines, but also provide value to their visitors and because of this it takes fewer clicks to convert a shopper into a buyer. If your website is getting clicks but you aren’t generating more leads then something’s afoot.

In the last decade, we’ve developed thousands of websites for large insurance agencies, partners, small groups, and independent agents alike. We’ve decided to put together a quick list of what the successful websites we’ve built have in common.

Professional Design: A premium website look and feel regardless of agency size to deliver a good first impression and display a professional and trustworthy image to visitors.

Good Organization: One of the most important elements of a good insurance websites is careful organization. This includes things such as navigation, site layout and structuring of websites content.

A Mobile First Strategy: Mobile users, specifically smartphone users account for over 50% of search engine traffic.   Making a website responsive or placing focus on the experience of mobile users by creating a mobile website is always a good idea.

Call to Action: All first-class insurance websites have a “call to action”.  A call to action can be any action phrase that includes a phone number, button or other text link prompting that someone takes action to get the information they want or need. For example having text that’s says something like “Call ABC Insurance Company for a free quote” or having a shiny button that says “Request a Quote”.

Products and Services are Easily Visible: Having your list of products and services easily viewable and findable is a must. That’s why you’ll find that many top insurance websites have found a way to incorporate this information into their sites navigation, layout or content in some sort of way.

Each Page Offers Valuable Information: In the business of selling insurance it’s better to be an advisor than a salesman. People like to be educated about what they’re buying and why they should buy it from you. This is why you’ll notice that quality insurance websites will provide information of value to visitors; this makes them appear more credible which in the end will lead to better conversions.

Minimized Clicking: In addition to having good organization; successful insurance websites will make all the most important pages of their website accessible within one or two clicks, and may even provide the user with a search bar to quickly find information that’s related to what interests them.

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