Posted on August 24, 2016 by Agency Owl

Choosing a Web Designer for Your Insurance Agency

If you want to build a successful insurance website, than working with an insurance web designer (like Agency Owl) is the best solution. In addition to knowing how to design and develop a dynamic site, they’ll understand your lingo and have the knowledge to build a website for your target audience. The culmination of this knowledge will allow them to create the perfect marriage between look and functionality for your insurance agency website.

But to play devil’s advocate for just a moment, any good web designer can translate your business needs onto your website and can create a design that will fulfill your needs. However, the quality of work that you’ll receive by working with a professional insurance web designer is typically of much higher quality than what you’d receive working with an industry outsider due to their lack of knowledge. We can’t even count the number of coffins we’ve seen on life insurance websites, built by designers with no understanding of insurance or customer mindset. Yikes!

Working with someone familiar with insurance will also give you the opportunity to ask for expert advice based on their experience working with agencies just like yours. This can provide you with the leverage you need to convert more leads into sales.

Lastly, a few words of caution, undoubtedly sometime during your search for a designer to help you build your website you may run across a friend that’s a “weekend web designer” or a service that gives you a builder and lets you “do-it yourself” or better yet someone from India or China offering to build you a spaceship for a couple of hundred bucks.

Don’t fall into this trap, proceeding with one of these options will not provide you with the professional image you need to succeed online. Although working with a professional may cost more than the aforementioned options, not all designers are created equal, a good one is well worth the expense and should be able to help you recover your investment quickly.

Remember that for many prospects, your website may be their first impression of you – if not their only impression of you. Are you willing to trust a non-professional with your company’s reputation? Do you think Geico, would hire the boy next door to make their website?

Your website says a lot about your business so if you’re going to have one make sure it’s done right; hire a professional.

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